‘In this day and age, people are increasingly looking for a sustainable product’. Think Paper specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly paper products. Designed entirely in-house in Windraak by Dutch product Designer Ben Stevens.

For his graduation project, now more than 10 years ago, Ben Stevens had to design a building from renewable materials. This is where the idea of working with (corrugated) cardboard was born. He presented the concept in several places and from there the company and brand Think Paper was born.

Among other things, he made a pavilion out of cardboard for the RVO for a fair in Leipzig after which several followed. He also designed furniture made from several types of cardboard. Soon after, Ben chose a new direction, namely making design lighting from cardboard, intended for the home, office and hospitality market.

The importance of sustainability was instilled in Ben more than once during his studies. He now thinks about this at every step. Cardboard is a sustainable material. First of all, it is a renewable material, derived from the wood fibers of trees. In addition, cardboard can be recycled more often - of all the cardboard we throw away as consumers, 90 percent is used again to make new cardboard - and it is biodegradable. In addition, the Think Paper production process strives to use the material as efficiently as possible, leaving little waste.

Made in Windraak, we think green and therefore use only pure materials “ Cradle to Cradle “ combined with a handcrafted and above all timeless design from the hand of product designer Ben Stevens and owner of Think Paper.


‘We invent and we create’
Our thought: we enjoy working day in and day out to create the most beautiful objects to suit any well thought out workplace, office and hospitality project. A design by Think Paper exudes natural tranquility and will stay with you forever.

‘We want to EXPLORE, try NEW THINGS, set our OWN LIMITS, and see HOW FAR WE CAN GO. We want to have CONVERSATIONS and active IMAGINATIONS. We want to create THINGS THAT MATTER’.


Think Paper Lamps for any Home, Office and Hospitality project are distinguished by the unique design and our special high quality production method designed and made in our own design and production location in the south of the Netherlands.

Think Paper uses biodegradable adhesives for its lamps. This choice fits in with their specialisation in creating sustainable design, where the luminaires are self-supporting and have no frame. The raw materials for the lamps come from responsibly managed forests, and all residues from production as well as the lamps themselves are 100% recyclable. The components of the lamps are assembled and glued together by hand in a studio in the Netherlands, using the latest and most modern techniques to manufacture the famous Think Paper collection.


These atmospheric lamps are best known for the following unique features.

Think Paper lamps are mainly made of high-quality and durable paper and cardboard. This not only makes them eco-friendly, but also gives them a specific aesthetic that radiates warmth and comfort.

Despite using paper and cardboard, the lamps are designed to be durable and sturdy. The way the material is treated and shaped results in products that can last a long time.

The lamps are known for their innovative and often complex designs. By folding, cutting and shaping paper and cardboard, they create unique lighting effects and patterns not found in any other material.

Customisation and personalisation
Think Paper often offers the opportunity to customise lamps to specific customer requirements. This can range from the size of the lamp to specific cut-outs and patterns, giving each lamp a personal touch.

Environmental awareness
By using recyclable materials and a manufacturing process that produces little waste, they show a strong commitment to eco-friendly production practices.

The combination of these features makes Think Paper’s lamps unique not only in their appearance, but also in the philosophy behind their design and production.